Join us for dinner

Each event centers around a creative theme and we never repeat the same theme – so each dinner is for one night only.

The kind of event that pushes the culinary boundaries both in food, presentation as well as atmosphere.

Like other secret supper clubs and underground restaurants, we like to keep an element of secrecy to surprise our members.

We only reveal the location the day before and only on the evening of the event do you have a chance to see the menu and meet the other guests.

These exclusive epicurean affairs invite you to indulge in unique menus and exclusive cocktails served in unexpected locations, pairing award winning chefs with equally renowned mixologist.

The secret locations are as magnificent as the menu.

By private invitation only

Given the exclusivity, this club only offers the best of the best for their highly elected clientele — including the finest cuisines/beverages, the most extravagant benefits, and the most luxurious venues.

Learn what makes these memberships so special and get an inside scoop on how you can receive access.

All applications can be submitted through the website. If considered, membership requires $2000 annual fee and acceptance by two existing members.

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